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2022-12-08 12:08:08 By : Mr. Jacob Liu

To earn the coveted title of a JEMS Hot Product, a product has to be not only innovative, but practical. Our team of eight judges at this year’s EMS Today Conference and Exposition consisted of EMS product specialists, physicians, educators, managers and paramedics. The team reviewed a host of product contenders–from vehicles to equipment to mobile apps to training aids–all released within the 12 months before the conference.

Each judge reviewed products designed to not only improve your ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, but also allow EMS agencies to do it safely, more efficiently and with enhanced comfort for the patient.

This year, the EMS Today Hot Products review team reviewed and rated 64 products submitted by 52 companies. Each product was rated on a 1—5 scale in four distinct categories:

>>Ease of use; and

>>Need in the EMS or prehospital setting.

Their selection of the 30 hottest products at EMS Today 2018 are presented here in alphabetical order by company.

Additional coverage of other products will appear in upcoming JEMS Hands On columns.

The 5.11 Stryke EMS Pant is uniquely constructed with Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric and a comfort waistband to allow for unrestricted movement and a relaxed fit. Available in a wide range of men’s and women’s sizes, each pair includes 18 EMS mission-specific pockets and features a stain- and soil-resistant Teflon finish.

Agency360 Field Training Software helps you to easily ensure that new hires are trained to your agency’s own standards. Based on feedback from thousands of users, the entire system was rebuilt from scratch. The new version will simplify your documentation, improve consistency, centralize your paperwork and can be operated from wherever you are. With a mobile- and tablet-responsive design, notifications give instant access to trainee problems and graphical reports help identify trends to support decision-making.

The BEAR Stair Chair harness makes it possible to move extra large patients from small and tight places while safely reducing patient and provider anxiety. With version 2, the BEAR Stair Chair now fits under and attaches to the bottom of a Ferno or Stryker stair chair seat. The patient sits on the seat, the side wraps are deployed from the bottom, the device comes up and supports what gravity is pulling off the chair seat.

MasterTech FleetConnect is the first ambulance-specific connectivity platform designed to lengthen vehicle life, reduce unplanned downtime, and empower remote maintenance and troubleshooting of a vehicle in real time. Get 24/7 remote support from your dealer network and Braun to diagnose vehicle issues and reduce downtime. Monitor the chassis and engine network for preventive and predictive maintenance, and monitor and update the electrical system inside the ambulance.

Certa Dose Color-Coded Dosing System offers midazolam for sedation (501(k) pending) with its revolutionary new technology that’s designed to confirm the correct dose for all ages, empowering paramedics with confidence when delivering medications to patients in critical situations. The Certa Dose system lets the user quickly verify a dose and help prevent dosing errors before medications reach the patient.

The APEXPro XP100 Nitrile Exam Glove was developed in response to concerns about potential synthetic opioid exposures. The glove’s black exterior offers optimized contrast to readily identify the presence of powders. In addition, the APEXPro XP100 incorporates Digitcare’s 2-ply technology for maximum glove strength as well as their balanced pH interior coating for improved hand health.

Injury Free University is a validated training system that aims to prevent the additional financial and human costs that accompany pain, injury, overtime and poor provider wellness. The training system was designed to support safety, injury prevention, nutrition, sleep hygiene, patient handling, pain management and equipment use, and it aims to reduce training time while improving training accuracy.

The FirstResponder Sterilizer Series utilizes triatomic oxygen generator technology and UV-C rays to clean and sterilize your gear, clothing, and any other potentially contaminated surfaces. The self-contained mobile sterilizers are efficient, programmable and able to kill MRSA, C. difficile, norovirus, the flu and hundreds of pathogens. The sterilizer series includes handheld lamps for spot cleaning, duffel bags and handheld units.

The H*VENT Chest Seal overcomes common issues with traditionally vented chest seals. The seal is uniquely designed with six ports that allow for multi-directional drainage towards gravity, which facilitates that ability to transport patients on their side.

Anxiety, burnout, depression, PTSD and suicide are widespread among EMS personnel and other first responders. The free CrewCare Mobile App brings mental health awareness to the individual user as well as the EMS industry. Users can understand their stress load, recognize common stress triggers, document mood and associated activities, and connect with local and national support resources The non-identifiable aggregate results and analyses provide insight for the individual user as well as the entire EMS industry.

The IndeeLift HFL-500-E is a patient lift and transport tool for EMS personnel on medical emergency and lift-assist calls. With a stowed footprint of 8″ x 20″ x 33″ and weight of 50 lbs., these units fit on all emergency apparatus. A lift capacity of 500 lbs., coupled with a detachable stair tread system, makes this tool one of the most versatile tools in the EMS arsenal under $6,000.

The Ventway Sparrow is an emergency ultra-portable ventilator, used for transport, EMS and military applications. It’s compact size and light weight makes it ideal for first responders with limited triage capabilities who need a simple yet highly effective self-sufficient ventilator.

Integra Connect delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end revenue cycle solution for EMS–from dispatch to cash collections. Their technology- enabled services are complemented by a proprietary, rules-based claims engine; robust analytics enabling reporting and performance optimization; and agile electronic data interchange capabilities. Integra Connect’s solutions work with clients’ existing systems to increase and accelerate cash flows.

REALITi is a new simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing in a single system. It can be configured to mimic proprietary monitors, such as the ZOLL X-series and LifePak 15, and features streaming video and live voting features, dynamic 12-lead ECGs and the ability to adapt and grow based on your simulation needs.

The Super Auto Eject Deluxe Covers are built for severe duty and designed for emergency vehicles. The display (either bar graph or digital) incorporates the Auto Eject and an Indicator in one product. They’re sealed against the environmental elements with a pre-molded rubber rear gasket, and they have a lid that opens 180 degrees to provide more variability to plug in the shoreline. The indicator is easy to see with 10 bars of red LED or three numerical digits showing the status of the charger.

With the Little Anne QCPR, the classic Little Anne manikin now includes measurement and feedback technology that takes the guesswork out of instruction using free apps downloaded onto smartphones and tablets. Little Anne QCPR can monitor up to six manikins at once with the Instructor app, and students can monitor their own performance with the Learner app. Little Anne QCPR improves quality, efficiency, and engagement in community CPR training.

The Heartisense Premium Kit allows you to turn any CPR manikin into a smart CPR manikin. The kit’s sensors can be attached to any manikin lacking CPR feedback functionality and allows the Heartisense app to give you real-time feedback. The kit works with all manufacturers’ CPR trainers and can control up to six manikins simultaneously. All training and assessment data are digitally saved, and an online learning management system is available to ensure accurate and effective training and assessment.

The Blizzard Rescue Jacket is a full-length jacket with sleeves and hood. It has a front opening and features bungee cord fastening at the bottom for heat retention. The jacket is windproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor rescues, mass evacuations and decontamination procedures. Made from Reflexcell material, the Blizzard Rescue Jacket offers unmatched thermal retention and is an effective tool in the prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

HealthEMS is a patient-based, protocol-driven electronic patient care record (ePCR) system that makes documentation and critical operational processes as effortless as possible. Version 6.22 maintains the system’s powerful reporting tools and enhances the MobileTouch ePCR application by adding new stroke scoring options: LAPSS, RACE and VAN. The new triage/MCI functionality allows you to capture multiple patient records tied to the same call.

Pulsara enables real-time communication across healthcare entities, uniting teams across communities, helping them drastically reduce treatment times for STEMI and stroke patients. With the release of Pulsara 7.0, users can create dedicated patient channels, build custom teams, and communicate all the way through the hospital for any condition: trauma, sepsis, cardiac arrest, precipitous delivery, transplant, and more.

PulsePoint Verified Responder is a professional version of the award-winning PulsePoint Respond mobile app, which aims to increase bystander response to cardiac emergencies. Verified Responder allows PulsePoint-connected communities to alert off-duty professionals of nearby cardiac arrest victims in both public and private/residential locations, which account for the majority of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

The Warrior Blood and IV Fluid Warmer eliminates the challenge of warming blood and IV fluids across the entire continuum of emergency care (i.e., prehospital and hospital). It warms near-freezing fluids to body temperature within seconds, even at high flow rates (up to 200 mL/min). A single rechargeable battery can warm up to 5 L of fluids. The Warrior can be mounted to a pole, rail or stretcher. It’s practically a maintenance-free device, with five years between service cycles. 719-539-4843

Rapid casualty evacuation from active shooter scenes continues to be a challenge. The QuikLitter Lite was developed to provide responders a highly compact rescue litter that can fit into most uniform cargo pockets. This allows rescue task force members and providers to effectively bring multiple litters to the scene and into hot and warm zones for rapid casualty evacuation.

Engineered for rapid application, the SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet was designed to normalize the number of windlass turns needed, enabling an easier, faster training of the product and intuitive use. The TRUFORCE buckle technology auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. Simply click, twist and secure for a lifesaving tourniquet application. SAM XT meets military standards (MIL-STD 810G) for durability.

The new HydraSim DropLeg Bleeding Simulator (FS-3000B-BL) allows for wirelessly detonated hemorrhage simulation, and also doubles as a usable DropLeg first aid kit. The front portion of the simulator allows caregivers to work out of the kit, while the back portion contains Skedco’s patented bleeding simulation technology. The DropLeg bleeding simulator provides one wound with arterial or venous blood flow and nearly two liters of blood pumping intensity, all while appearing as a usable first aid kit.

The StethoSafe allows you to confidently store your stethoscope in any backpack, case, airway, duffel or aid bag without damaging your diaphragm. It’s compact, rugged and easy to use. The included cord to easily attaches the StethoSafe to any strap, loop or bar in a bag or case, allowing you to quickly find and remove your operational stethoscope in seconds.

The Yuneec Commercial H520 is a drone designed with six rotor systems that allow for stable, precise flight. The H520 offers multiple payloads for optimal performance within all spheres of public safety: E90 high-resolution camera, E50 medium focal length camera and CGOET dual thermal/RGB camera. Each are hot swap-capable for maximum convenience and minimum downtime. Data and images are shared instantly from the ST16 Ground Station or delivered directly in 4K/2K/HD video or 12 megapixel still images.

The Rusch Airtraq A-390 WiFi Video Laryngoscope Camera is portable, easy-to-use, and compatible with multiple platforms. The camera allows clinicians to record real-time high-resolution images and video. It can store up to 200 videos and more than 10 hours of footage. The new Airtraq A-390 Camera is almost 50% lighter and smaller than the previous model.

The TrueClot Tourniquet Application Trainer is a wearable device that allows full application of a tourniquet for training purposes. Training blood can be pumped through the device to simulate hemorrhage, and when a tourniquet is properly applied, bleeding is stopped. The padded arm cuff reduces pinching and pain and allows for proper application of a tourniquet during classroom or scenario training.

UNITY EMS has developed the first and only uniform designed specifically for EMS. Developed for medics, by medics, these uniforms integrate high-performance activewear and industry-specific features to maximize safety, comfort and performance. UNITY EMS’s American-made uniforms reflect the pride EMS professionals take in the work they do and the lives they save.